fall wreath crafting.

Fall wreaths are pretty expensive. I've never put one on my door before this year so I didn't know how much they were. I was looking around Michael's and couldn't find one that was less then $40! Plus a lot of them weren't that cute anyway. I decided that I could probably make my own that would be cuter and way cheaper. I picked up a simple grapevine wreath and different bundles of fake fall flowers that I thought were pretty! Luckily all the flowers were 40% off so I got a pretty good deal.

If I ever do a craft, it has to take less than an hour or else I go crazy. I am not a good long term crafter (sewing and quilting is my nightmare)! This project was seriously so easy. All you need is:

-sissors or wire cutters
-fake flowers

I layed out everything on my counter and started clipping flowers out of their bundles. I just kind of went for it and started to place the flowers in the wreath. Luckily these flowers have wire stems so you can just bend them around the wreath to stay put. I kept going until I thought there was enough. I didn't go all the way around the wreath because I kind of like it exposed on the side. But do what you think looks good!

I love the finished product and can't wait to hang it on my door! Oh and I spent less than $20 on everything! Fist pump!

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