waiting for fall.

My favorite months of the year are coming up! I love love love fall time. Even though fall is almost here, it definitely still feels like summer here in the desert. The 10 day forecast still says at least 100 degrees everyday (hence the pool pic below!). But I can still pretend it's getting colder with my fav fall scents and pumpkin flavored treats. Wait, have you guys tried the pumpkin spice Eggos?! Seriously go try them. So yum. I am kind of a sucker for Eggos. 

Lately our whole life revolves around Sundance. Good news is that he is almost potty trained! Whenever he has to go, he walks to the back door and waits for us to let him out. Such a good boy! I feel like a proud parent whenever he does that. Also he is already so much bigger than when we first brought him home. Puppies grow SO fast. We just love him!


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