donut birthday party.

I am 26 ya'll. My birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we partied all weekend! Todd and I went to Federal Pizza on Friday in Phoenix. It is THE best pizza. So delicious! I think I could eat pizza for every meal. 

On Saturday, we had all our family and friends over for a breakfast donut party! Complete with donut balloons (DIY found here) and a homemade donut piñata (DIY found here)! Todd helped me construct the piñata earlier that week! It was super fun to make and turned out really big! 

We had 3 dozen donuts, 3 dozen donut holes, chocolate and regular milk, fruit kabobs, and of course a few cans of Diet Coke (for the addicts like me…). I decorated mostly with Oh Joy's party line from Target! Cutest stuff ever and so affordable! 

I loved having all my favorite people with me to eat donuts and have the best morning! Thanks to everyone that came! :)

Sunday was spent going to church, eating bbq pork sandwiches for dinner, naps, and taking a bike ride through the neighborhood! 

26 is going to be great. 


Nielsens said...

this so looks cute and fun and definitely my kind of party (donuts and fruit and diet coke!!!) happy belated birthday!!

Lindsay Riggs said...

This party was perfect! Loved it and love you! P.S. I'm trying to determine whether it's an unfortunate shadow in the pic of me or if I had embarrassingly sweaty pits.

curtis03 Lewis said...

This donut birthday bash is incredible. Fantastic photos, great post as well. I loved the whole concept! I too need to organize my daughter’s birthday party and shortlisted couple of good venues in Chicago but need some suggestions for DIY frozen party decorations.