the haps.

The weather here is confusing. One day it will be sunny and in the 40s and the next it will be a blizzard and then the next it will be rainy and in the 50s. I've given up trying to predict and plan for the weather, so I just go with the flow day to day. Last week we headed out to the suburbs to go to the Temple. The grounds and trees were covered with snow and it was such a beautiful sight! Love going out there to get a little escape from the city. So gorgeous right?

Listening to JT's new album over. and over. and over. and over. It's just so good!! I love 'Mirrors'. It's definitely my favorite. Has anyone been watching 'Timberweek' on Jimmy Fallon? JT performs every night this week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! It's been hilarious and amazing all at the same time. Ah so good.

About a month ago our Young Women's president in our church asked me if I'd be willing to do a little bread making class for the young girls in the ward. I jumped on it! I thought that would be so fun! And I want everyone to know how to make the crusty bread. The girls were the cutest and everyone loved the bread! I also made some honey nut butter to spread on it. Just mix some chopped pecans, honey, and softened butter together! So yum. 

In aprox ONE day I am headed to the coast. My home. My most favorite town in the world. The hills and the trees and all my high school girlfriends are calling me to Danville for one of our best friend's wedding! Katie and Sam are getting married. I cannot wait for the weekend festivities!! Sadly, Todd can't come, and he will be very missed. But it will be so fab to see all of the girls! And to enjoy the sunny 70 degree weather! Now that's what I call spring!

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Bree Mishler said...

You're the cutest little bread maker. And I'm dying with jealousy that you get to go home!! Oh Northern California, you are the best.