katie and sam's wedding.

Any opportunity to go home to Danville is a good one. Especially when it's one of your best friend's wedding day! It was a lovely weekend and I wished I could have stayed for another week (or maybe just move there??). Being with the girls made me so happy. We are rarely all together in the same place so this was a real treat. Even my mom got to fly down from Utah to be my date to the wedding and to see her friends:) She's the best. 

We had a little bachlorette party for Kay on friday night. Then she got married at the Oakland Temple on Saturday morning and had her reception that night in the hills of Berkeley. So beautiful!!! The food was deeeelicious, the flowers were perfect, and we danced all night! So much fun. Oh and did I mention how gorgeous the bride looked?? Sam is a lucky guy. 

greatest weekend. 


Samantha Truman said...

so glad you got to visit all your friends! looks like it was a good trip! okay... when are we going to plan a trip together... either you come here or we come there!or... we can go to new york or something!

Bree Mishler said...

I love the Oakland temple! It's so nice to see it!! And you look beautiful. Hope it was tons of fun! Love and miss you!