Our friend, Spencer, had a birthday party this last weekend at the Galloping Ghost Arcade out in the Chicago suburbs. Didn't know what to except from a random arcade, but it was SO fun. Obviously the boys had a blast and were in their element, but the girls had fun too! Instead of paying for each game, you pay $15 up front and then you get to play unlimited games for as long as you want! 

Todd and I were walking around scoping out all the games and I came across BurgerTime. Pretty sure it's my most favorite video game ever. Todd and I could have played it all night (we kind of did...).  It is  almost like Pac-Man in the sense that bad guys are chasing you around a grid. But you have to build these burgers and keep away from Mr. Egg and Mr. Hot Dog. And you kill them by shaking pepper on them. Obviously right? Haha...took us a while to figure out that one. 

Thanks for being born Spencer! 

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