price's homecoming.

Last week my little brother got back from his two year mission serving for our church (more about missions here)! Two years went by soooo super fast. I missed him so much and was so excited to see my younger brother buddy! My whole family was together last week and I loved every minute!

The week was pretty packed with activities. We went to the airport to pick him up and we had some awesome signs to welcome him! He wasn't too happy about all the attention…haha…he hasn't changed a bit.

When we got home we had lunch and immediately decided to get in the pool! Todd and I surpised the little ones with these awesome floaties we found on amazon! The biggest pretzel and donut ever! Haha so fun!

That night we had FHE (family home evening) to hear all about Price's mission and his favorite stories and experiences. It was so special to be all together as a family and chat all night.

Price didn't have any clothes to wear so we went on a little shopping trip to get him new clothes for college! I love shopping and hangin' with him. We always have so much fun together. (can you tell i am just so excited to have him back?!)

One morning some of us decided to go on a hike near the Ogden valley canyon. It was so beautiful! Utah really is so gorgeous. I miss those mountains!

The Ogden Temple open house was going on while we were there and we were able to get tickets to walk through it. What a gorgeous temple!! Wow was it pretty. 

It was seriously such a good week. I love being with my family. We did so many other fun things- bike rides, Provo visits, went to a petting zoo, ate some GREAT food, watched tons of movies, paddleboarded on the lake, and much more!

I love my family. 

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