kitchen cabinets makover.

Before we moved into our house, we decided we wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets white. We had a couple weeks before we were moving in so we took on the challenge to DIY it! And by we I mean Todd. I helped where I could but he did most all of it. It was a hard project and definitely took a lot of work, but it was SOOOO worth it. The white completely transformed our whole kitchen! It brightened up the room and also makes it seem a lot bigger! I just love it. 

I feel like if you have the time, the tools, and just a couple hundred dollars, anyone can do this project. Todd read loooooots of tutorials and we got most of our tips from the This Old House website. 

Shout out to the BEST husband in the world, Todd J Utterback!!!! Love you sweets. 




I am just so happy with it! Yay!


Samantha Truman said...

It looks amazing!! Good job! We are in the same process right now. It's hard work for sure but like you said. it's totally worth it.

danielle said...

I LOVE it! That was towards the bottom of our to-do list in our house (it needed lots of help elsewhere first :), but I'm looking at this and wanting to do ours badly! I think I'm going to take a tiny house project break and once my batteries are recharged, tackle it! Did you by chance use a cabinet painting kit? I've heard of doing that but not sure if it's worth it to buy it...

Rachel U said...

We didn't use a kit! Todd sprayed the cabinet doors with a paint gun and then we hand painted the rest of the cabinets inside with paint brushes. We sanded first, did three coats of paint (primer&paint in one), and we didn't use a top coat because we heard mixed reviews about that. It's kept up really well so far! You should totally do it! It's really doable! You guys are DIY pros so it wouldn't even be hard for you! :)