the haps.

Does life ever slow down? Probably not. The good news is, it's my favorite month of the year! It also just happens to be my birthday month too:) 

We bought Todd a bike at Target a few weeks ago and it's been so fun riding around together! I also picked up a bike basket so I could carry my diet coke home from QT (obviously). The weather has been perfect for bike riding!

Spring training was last month and Todd and I caught a Cub's game out in Mesa! We ate Vienna Beef hot dogs and cried a little inside because we miss Chicago (mostly just the food, our besties, and that lake shore!)

Old Town Scottsdale is one of my favorite places here in AZ. It's just the most charming little place ever. I love going on date nights there and walking around!

I tried out for the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant last November and made it as an angel! It's been suuuuper busy but so much fun! I've loved getting to know the other girls that are angels and performing on a stage again (haven't done that since high school!). It's the biggest Easter pageant in the WORLD. Come see it in the next couple of weeks if you're in the area! It's such an amazing production! 

that's all folks. 

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