the haps.

Can we talk about how it was 75 degrees today? I know, I know, I brag about the weather but it's my first winter in AZ. I think I am allowed!

{a Sunday walk through the nature preserve by our house}

We've been celebrating the holidays in full swing this month! I just love this time of year (who doesn't??).

{both our puppie's favorite sleeping spot}

Todd and I have two advent calendars. One is a gorg one that my sister made for us. We use that as our main count down calendar. Then we have another one that is made out of a mini muffin pan. I got the idea from my MIL. She got the idea from the ladies in her church. Todd and I each take 12 days. We each do 6 notes to each other and then 6 fun Christmas activities to do together. Then we stuff them in their little holes. We switch off days reading the notes/activities. We call those activities "Holidates". It really helps us get into the Christmas spirit! I love it.

{one of our holidates- Mesa temple lights! sooo pretty!}

We have a few fruit trees in our backyard. A pomegranate and two lemon trees. Well, what we thought was a lemon tree turned out to be an orange tree! I am so excited about it. I check every day to see if they are ripe enough to pick! Oranges are my FAV. 

I spent an entire afternoon addressing Christmas cards and it was kind of the best. I just watched a few episodes of one of my favorite tv shows (The Originals!! Vampires!! Elijah!) and got it all done! 

I'll say it again- I love this time of year. 

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