san fran.

A girls trip was in order for the Holt gals. Especially now that my oldest sister lives in Danville! It would be rude not to visit! We spent about 48 hours total in Danville and San Fran. Oh how I miss the Bay Area and my hometown. I even got to see my cute little niece and nephews for a couple of hours! Such cuties. 

{boudins and diet coke...obvi}

{yogurt shack}

{is he not the cutest thing ever?}

We stayed in Union Square and shopped our tails off! We also ate...a lot haha. But what else do we do in a city with amazing food? We found a delish restaurant called Wayfare Tavern. Wowowow talk about good food! They are known for their fried chicken, so of course my sisters and I all had to order the fried chicken! Luckily my mom ordered something else so we didn't look too crazy... haha! It lived up to the hype. My mouth is watering just writing about that chicken!

{no words}

Thanks for taking us Mom! We love you!!

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