Well, we are finally settled in our home that we are house sitting for the next year. We love the neighborhood, the two little doggies that came with the house, the backyard, and learning about taking care of a home (it's hard work people!). 

Life isn't perfect, but I am grateful to be here with a husband who I love dearly and who loves me. We are truly happy here, and I think that's what matters most. 

Oh and did I mention that it is hot hot hot here? I looooove it!!! I am not even lying. I really love the heat. And I will be loving it even more when winter rolls around. 

Plus living next to my best girlfriend doesn't hurt either.

Todd and I signed up for library cards and I checked out some cookbooks for some new recipes.

We have fallen for these pups. They are just too cute.

how can you resist that face??

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Jeffrey & Dara said...

What town are you guys living in? Jeffrey is going to University of Arizona and lives in Tucson during the week.. When I come out to visit we should meet up! Are you far from Tucson?