busy busy busy.

I don't even know where to begin this post. August has been the craziest month ever! Maybe I will start with this- we are in the middle of moving to Arizona! After over a year in downtown Chicago we said to say goodbye to city life and hello to suburbia. We are currently taking a breather in Utah visiting both sets of our parents- laying out, golfing, swimming, eating too much, riding bikes, and taking in these gorgeous mountains. In a couple of days we will start the road trip again and make it to AZ. We can't wait to ge there! Todd is over the moon about living in the desert again (he grew up in Scottsdale). I am really excited too! Although we miss our Chicago friends already... :(

Our best friends had us over for a goodbye dinner the day before we left. We love these people so much. I am so grateful for all the friends we made in Chicago. 

We had the worst moving day in the city. Just picture trying to move all your stuff into pods in the smallest alleyway with garbage trucks coming through every hour. Yeah...not fun and super stressful. But we made it through the day and on the road to Utah.

{i'll miss that view}

Moving day was awful, but the drive to Utah was a breeze! We drove 16.5 hours in one day! 5:30am-9:00pm. The hours flew by and we didn't hit any traffic. Did I mention that it was our 2 year anniversary that day? Haha! We opened cards from each other at a gas stop in the morning. So classy and romantic. But that's life right? We celebrated by listening to Harry Potter 4, eating lots of road trip snacks, and talking about how fun our wedding day/honeymoon was.

The past week at my parent's house has been the most relaxing week of our summer. It's been clear skies and hot weather everyday and I couldn't be happier about it. It will be hard to leave this little town and my parent's gorgeous home. 
{love my cute little nieces!!}

{todd mowing the lawn- totally in his element}

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Jeffrey & Dara said...

you guys make everything look like fun, even moving! Hope you guys love AZ :)