the haps.

So many great happenings going on around here these days! First things first: have you guys read the book 'Divergent'? Oh Em Gee. It's SO GOOD. Kind of the same feel as 'The Hunger Games' but (gasp!) I liked it better! 

So get this- there has been some construction going on in the park across the street from us for a few months. They started building these foundation-less weird house looking buildings and we couldn't figure out what they could be! We drove past one day and asked what they were building and the security guard yelled/whispered "It's a movie set!". Whaaaa?? We were instantly intrigued. We did some googling and found out that the movie based off the book 'Divergent' was being filmed in Chicago and parts of it would be filmed across the street from us! They started the filming for it last week and its been SO exciting to spy on it. It was so interesting to see the actors all dressed in their costumes and how many people it takes to film a movie. I loved it! I decided that I should probably read the book so I went out last week and bought it. I finished it in 3 days and cannot wait to start the 2nd one!!!

{for those that have read the book- the crowd all dressed in black in the back right are the 'Dauntless' people}

{todd caught me spying like this- it was just so exciting!!}

Taste of Randolph Fest was this past weekend over in the West Loop. We met up with some friends there on Friday night and sampled yummy tacos and guac. Great people watching too!

A few months ago we bought tickets to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing at a concert up in the suburbs. We had lawn seats so we packed a picnic, took our chairs and blankets, and listened to my favorite choir sing under the stars. It was so beautiful and such a wonderful night! I love that choir! 

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