lit fest.

Summers here are all about festivals! There is one almost every week it feels like! One of my favorites is the Lit Fest. It is put on in the South Loop on our street. When we first moved in last summer it was going on that weekend, so we walked through it and loved it! It happened again this past weekend and it was just as fun as last year! They have booths and booths of new books, really old books, vintage posters, cookbooks, author readings, and other fun literature related things!

We found two vintage magazine pages of a Coca-Cola and a Canada Dry advertisement. I want to frame them and hang them in our kitchen somewhere. 

One booth was having a sale for $5 dollar books and we scored on a hardcopy of Harry Potter 4+5! Both of which we needed in our collection! I found a couple cookbooks and Todd bought a couple biographies. We ended the day at a local taco joint in our nieghborhood. We love the Lit Fest!

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