Once upon a time, I lived in Provo, UT and was paired up with a girl to teach in our church. This girl and I had never really met but decided to get together and chat about our teaching assignment. When I walked into her apartment and she offered me a Diet Dr. Depper, I knew our friendship was meant to be. Torri and I spent the next hour chatting and laughing and talking about how we met our fiances. After a summer of going to Sonic together and bonding about wedding plan stress, we both left to get married and start our lives. After we were married, Todd and I moved into an apartment complex in Provo. I was driving to work one day when I saw Torri and her new husband, Curtis, moving boxes into our same apartment complex! I quickly called Torri to see if it was true! For the next year the four of us became the best of friends. Always at eachother's apartments, dinner dates, watching Friends, borrowing nail polish and cups of sugar. We loved it.

After a year, Todd and I moved to Chicago, and Torri and Curtis moved to Arizona. They also just had a little baby boy a few months ago. They decided to plan a trip to come visit us this past weekend here in the city. It was the best weekend!!

Todd and I got to meet little Tadpole (Thomas) and hang out with two of our best friends. It was a blast and they loved Chicago! We took them to our favorite restaurants, went to a Cubs game, walked around the whole city, drank too many Diet Cokes and Diet Dr. Pepper's, and spent Saturday at the Lincoln Park Zoo! 

We miss them already!!!!

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victoria porter said...

oh. my. gosh. TEARS!!!! love you, rash!