real talk.

Sometimes I forget that my husband likes to talk about other things than just chatting with me about work, the upcoming season of The Bachlorette, if I am making cookies that day, doggies, how hard my Jillian Michaels workouts are, and other silly things that I talk to him about.

I mean, the guy was a philosophy major for crying out loud. He has thoughts! Lots of them. And sadly I don't know much about sports, technology, and car talk. Scratch that, I don't know anything about those things. 

Luuuuckily he has friends that fill that void for him. Insert- Juice Lake. The Lakes are good friends of ours out here and him and T could talk for hours about that kind of stuff. It actually works out perfect, because Juice's wife, Hattie, and I could paint nails and talk for hours about girl stuff. Because they like chatting about guy stuff so much, they decided to start a podcast. I thought it was a joke at first...but the next thing I knew we were driving to the Lake's. 

After more than an hour of them talking in one room, and Hattie and I painting nails and chatting in another, they were done with their first podcast! Still haven't listened the whole thing but I hear it's a good one;)

We ended the night with walking to Mity Nice for dinner. The best. We even ran into Amy Jo during her birthday dinner! Great night, real talk. 

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