some city haps.

It's been pretty snowy/raining/windy here this week. Yesterday we had a beautiful day when the sun decided to peak through the clouds. But today the snow and rain are back again. The dog park across the street from us is covered in white and I kind of love it! We even spotted a cross country skier!! Haha loved it. 

Yogurtland is finally open over on State and Division!!! I have been looking every day on their website to see when it opened! Monday was free yogurt day and I begggged Todd to take me. I bribed him with picking him up from work and driving there. The snow doesn't stop me from wanting oreo, pistachio, and red velvet yogurt. 

Ever since I made the crusty bread, it's given me courage to try other bread recipes! I decided to try a honey oat bread that I found on Bakingdom Blog. Here is the link. Her instructions are fail proof and it is soooo good. Loved taking it out of the oven to see it all golden brown and puffed up! I kinda love bread...it makes me happy...don't judge me.


Randi said...

I've never been to Chicago and I know nothing about it so it's fun to fall in love with it through your eyes!

Kristy Denney said...

Rachel you're the cutest! And i love your city!