super bowl sunday.

Todd was over the moon about the 49ers being in the Super Bowl. They have been his team since forever. And I guess they are my team too since I grew up in the Bay Area. We decided to invite some pals over for some food and football and Beyonce watching. It was a great party. There was tons to eat and to drink (I think I had 4 cans of diet coke...oops). I made this toffee caramel apple dip from the Cookies and Cups blog. It was so good that after we were out of apples, everyone finished it off with tortilla chips. Yum yum yum. The boys watched the game and the girls mostly talked in the kitchen. We stopped talking to watch Beyonce and then resumed. So grateful for girlfriends that are as clueless as I am about football.

Even though our team lost, it was a great night. 


Nielsens said...

I made the same apple dip for the Super Bowl party we went to yesterday. That's a little bit crazy to me. Great minds think alike?

Natalie Gruendl said...

That dip looks yummy,just pinned it! Thanks for sharing :-)