We do not have a full size mirror in our apartment. Don't ask me why we haven't just gone to Target and bought one of those cheap $10.00 ones. It's a mystery. Luckily, there is one just outside in our apartment building hallway. Right by the elevator. Whenever I am not sure how my outfit looks I leave our apartment door cracked, check to see that no one is waiting by the elevator, and run down the hall in my socks to see how it looks. This mirror serves for a lot of entertainment. Without fail Todd and I end up dancing in front of it whenever we are waiting for the elevator to come. And if we are lucky to be the only ones in the elevator, the dance party moves in there. Our kids are going to think we are crazy. Can't wait to embarrass them. 

the elevator mirror. don't mind my big gulp of dc ;)

In other news...who watched The Bachelor?? We are in for a treat this season. And I don't know if that is a good thing. It seemed more staged than usual and I am already tired of Sean's peck show. But I can't not watch. That's impossible. 


Jaicy M. said...

Your comment about the bachelor is perfectly put. I am already over it but know I can't stop. Haha love and miss you girlie.

Jeffrey & Dara said...

hahaha love this. you running down the hall... awesome!

laurenhathaway said...

McKay and I did the same thing at our old place in a high rise..who needs their own full length mirror right? It's more fun to take the risk and run down the hall! haha! you two are awesome.