Todd and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning just the two of us here in Chicago. We are a family now and as such we decided that we should do our own Christmas. It was a great decision. We wrote down little Christmas traditions that we wanted to do and hopefully continue throughout the years and when we have our own kids. We went out to one of our favorite restaurants Christmas Eve. Then we came home, opened our Christmas pj's, and snuggled up to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol (one of my family's traditions that Todd put on a good face for). "There goes Mr. Humbug...."  Then before going to bed we read the chapters in the scriptures of Christ's birth. 

Oh and did I mention that I tried a new cinnamon roll recipe and TOTALLY failed??? It was super sad. So I decided to try another recipe when I woke up Christmas morning before we opened presents. Guess what? FAILED again. I think it was my yeast...stupid yeast. I hate failing at baking. Todd ate them anyway, bless his heart.

Other than that cinnamon roll fiasco, it was such a wonderful relaxing Christmas, just us two. Love that guy of mine.


In the Marginalia said...

Love the idea of Christmas traditions as a new family! I've tried to do a few the last two years. I think next year will be different with a new little one. :)


jennica said...

Muppet Christmas Carol is literally my FAV christmas movie. I can't get enough of those singing muppets!