arizona is pretty great.

I am so glad Todd is from Arizona. I had never really been there before I met him. It's the best. Especially in the winter. I have fallen in love with that state and wouldn't mind ending up there one day (fingers crossed). 

We had such a great time with Todd's family. We saw lots of movies (it's Todd's dad's favorite), went on walks, played lots of games, had a sleepover with our best friends, drank lots of diet cokes, went to a bowl game, and had lunch with old friends. 

Side note: wasn't Les Mis just the best thing you've ever seen? I haven't cried that much in a movie probably ever. It ended so abruptly that I didn't have time to wipe my mascara run eyes before everyone saw what a mess I was. Hugh Jackman was incredible.

I loved every bit of our time in AZ and was sad to leave everyone and the beautiful weather. 

We also did a family talent show that was pretty ridiculously awesome. The little ones in the family are the stars of the show and we were all cracking up the entire time. Todd and I did a bells routine. Here is the video. Try not to make fun of us too much ;)

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Jeffrey & Dara said...

looks like so much fun! Also Les Mis was ammaazzzinggg. I could have sat in my seat and watched it all over again. Everyone was so good in the movie! Glad you're having a great Christmas break!