just a shout out.

I had a big reality check when Todd was in the hospital. It is just me and him out in this big city. Of course I called my parents the second I found out asking what I should do. But a call was all I could do. It was a little scary feeling alone and not even knowing how to get to the hospital.

Within a couple hours I had many people from my church asking if they could do anything or bring anything to the hospital. I was overwhelmed and so grateful for those sweet friends of mine out here. People that I have only been friends with for about six months were so ready and willing to help with anything I needed. It was such a blessing. I know that word is overused sometimes, but it really was. 

So thank you. You are all wonderful. 

Especially love these two gals. Don't leave us Kellee!!!

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Chelsey said...

Big fan of that Kellee, as well. I'm glad you guys have a great support network out there.