heavy heart.

My chest hurts every time I read or watch something about the terrible tragedy that happened on Friday in Newtown. I get this really heavy feeling like someone is pushing down on my chest and I can't breath. There are no words to describe the sadness that I feel for those families that lost their little children and the teachers/principal. Those school leaders were so incredibly brave and strong for doing everything they could to save their students. It makes me so proud and so sad all at the same time. I was born in a town about 30 min away from Newtown. I lived there until I was out of kindergarten. It made it that much more real to me. 

I believe that those sweet children and those brave school leaders are with our Heavenly Father. I believe that those families will see their loved ones again. I believe that even though there are misunderstood people in this world, there are wonderful people as well. 

God bless Newtown and all of the people that were affected by this hardship.

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