swirly twirly gum drops.

My parents just left this morning. Can they come back? Pretty please? It is just too fun when they are here!! Having them here made this Christmas season that much better! So glad that Todd and I get to see both sides of our family this Christmas.

My dad's main office is here in the city, so while him and Todd worked, my mom and I played. Thanks boys :). We hit all the Christmas-y spots and sights in the city. One of them being the German Christmas market. We got crepes (obviously) and walked around to see all the little toys and treats in the booths.

By some sort of Christmas miracle we were able to get a reservation at Girl and the Goat. My parents loved it and it was so fun to try so many crazy dishes. 

Our reservation was super early so we decided to drive out to the suburbs to find the house from Home Alone! It really is a pretty house! But I think the movie makes it look bigger than it actually is. We took a sneaky quick picture and drove on. All I could think about was- "Kevin, you're such a disease."

My mom and I did a little shopping and I found my favorite owl cookie jar HALF OFF at Anthro. I was so excited. Isn't he just the cuuuutest?? And yes, he is winking.

We even got my dad to do some shopping too! Jeff Holt goes shopping about every 10 years. Not a joke. The last time he did a big shopping trip was around 10 years ago when my sister and I took him. So this was a big day. How awesome is this hat? Such a handsome guy.

I have been going to the Nutcracker every year since I was four. This was my 20th Nutcracker! But my first time seeing it in Chicago by the Joffrey Ballet. They were wonderful and I loved every second. So glad to have a husband that goes along with me and appreciates it. 

I think my parents are pretty great. Love them both so much. Love their visits to Chicago:) Thanks for coming mom and dad!

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Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

How fun! Chicago looks fun...i want to come visit:)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We heart you guys!