what's on my mind.

I made this chicken with mustard cream sauce last night. Pioneer Woman recipe of course. That lady can do no wrong I tell you. It was divine.

We are going out to eat with some friends on Thanksgiving. It will be sad not to be around family, but that's what you do when you live in a city far away. I am glad we have some great friends here that seem like family. We are eating super early which leaves enough time for games and homemade pie eating for the rest of the day. I'm excited!

T and I made a list of all the people we need to buy presents for this season. Love thinking of fun gifts to get for people. It's one of my favorite things about Christmas.

I am reading The Hobbit for the first time. The other night I literally started crying because I was giggling so much. It might have been because it was way past bed time, but I think it really was just that funny. Why hasn't Todd made me read this book sooner?? It's his favorite. 

Jim Gaffigan is coming to Chicago next April. We jumped on the chance to buy tickets! I cannot wait to see him live. He's hilarious!

The BEST grocery store opened near me. I have heard from a few of my friends how great this place is and I have always wanted to try it out. Mariano's West Loop opened this month so I decided to go there today. I love going to the grocery store normally, but I really loved it today. It is like a Whole Foods but half the price and they have all the generic products you need. And they had the yummiest looking caramel apples I've ever seen.

I have become a master folder now that I work in retail. And I am really being tested on my self control working around such cute clothes! 

I also want to give a shout out to all ya'll who read this little blog of mine. Thanks for humoring me and pretending that you care about what I do on the weekends or what recipes I am currently loving. It's really nice to be able to express myself on here and I appreciate the time you take to read this. You are the best. 


Brady and Brittany said...

I really do love your blog Rach! You have inspired me to post more. Love ya :)

laurel said...

No you're the best! :)

Bree said...

I honestly cannot wait to see you. I have giddy butterflies.