rear window.

Growing up, my dad forced us kids to watch old movies. We all grew to LOVE the classics. Especially the scary ones. North by Northwest, Charade, Birds, Wait Untill Dark, and Rear Window being just a few.  Something about Rear Window I just loved. Maybe it was Grace Kelly and her gorgeous gown that she wears in it. Maybe it's because I have a crush on Jimmy Stewart. But I think it was the sneaky spying that made me love it. Oooo it's so scary just thinking about it! If you haven't seen Rear Window, go watch it. So so good. 

Our friends Kellee and Harold live in a tall building in the north part of the city. Right across the street from them is a little swanky hotel with a rooftop bar. For some reason, these hotel guests leave their blinds open for all the world to see what they are up to. It's hilarious. Everytime we are over there we see so many funny things. Last night we spent the better part of the night just laughing at everything we saw. Such a great spying activity. 

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Emmy Gagon said...

Rear Window is one of my all time favorites! Love that!!