thanksgiving in chicago.

What a great relaxing yummy Thanksgiving we had! Our stove was fixed just in time (gas leak fiasco) to make a raspberry apple pie for the big day! While I was pie making, we watched the Macy's Day parade. I looooove the parade. I get so excited to see all the snip bits of broadway shows and the musical artists singing on the floats. 

We took the bus over to our friend's house around 2:30ish. Pie and ice cream in hand. Then we all walked over to Mike Ditka's restaurant for our Thanksgiving dinner reservations. Ditka's is a really nice upscale sports bar. Sounds funny, but it was just perfect. White linen tables and a couple big screen tv's for the guys to watch all the football games. We ate our unlimited turkey meals (you could just keep ordering more food because it was all included. did i order three desserts? maybe.) for two hours. Chatting, eating, saying what we are thankful for. It was just all so fun! And we didn't have to clean one dish! 

We got back to the apartment to take naps and watch more football. Then we ended the night with pie and Settlers of Catan. And of course Todd won. One of my best Thanksgivings ever! Although I don't know if anything could top eating KFC in Xian, China with my brother on Thanksgiving 2009 ;)

So many things to be grateful for. Great jobs, our apartment, junior mints, wonderful supportive parents, the best siblings, cute doggies, a Father in Heaven who knows me and loves me, and my handsome hardworking husband and best buddy.

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

The best Thanksgiving! And such a cute picture of you and todd.. great photographer. ;) Tell Todd I want a rematch in Settlers