Can we talk about pizza for one second? Ok, thanks.

When we first moved to Chicago, I was convinced that I was going to loooooove deep dish pizza and eat it all the time. After giving Chicago deep dish a fair chance with two different famous deep dish restaurants, I decided that I would stick to flat crust pizza from then on. It's not like I hated deep dish, I just didn't love it. And if I am going to eat pizza I want to LOVE it, ya know?

In one of our first weeks after we moved here, Todd and I yelped pizza delivery places in and around our neighborhood. We found a place that had four stars called Pat's Pizza. So we decided to give it a shot. No deep dish, just flat New York style pizza. Let's just say that it's so good, we order it almost once a week. And if we skip a week, it's all I crave for days.

I haven't decided if it's a blessing or a curse, but Pat's is literally around the corner from our apartment. If you live in Chicago, you NEED to try Pat's! I think there are a couple pizza places with this same name, so make sure you have the Pat's Pizza on Clark Street in Printer's Row. 

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miss aubrey said...

That pizza looks divine! Love a good pizza joint. Chicago's deep dish pizza made me feel sick. Ironically I love Zachary's deep dish pizza here in the bay!