Our friend Harold loves to yell, "Chicaging!" every time he is out walking around the city. It's pretty funny and Todd and I have been adopting the word around here.

The other day we took some pictures for our Christmas card. Who knows how long we will be living in this city so we wanted some pictures of us with the pretty lake and the gorgeous buildings in the background. Amy Jo Royall is a dream and soooo talented. Check out her stuff here. She's also hilarious and has the cutest dog ever.

Thanks again Amy Jo!!


Britney said...

love love love these! you two are picture perfect <3

Kellee Marie Cook said...

chicaging!!! haha love that harold got this shout out.. he is so proud of himself for that one. love love love these pics!

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...


Amy Jo Royall said...

OH you are the nicest Rachel! I always see Harold posting Chicaging on his Instas- cracks me up