You know when you have one of those days? Nothing seems to go right. Everything is just blah and you don't feel your best. Today is one of those days. Nothing a little nap and some mac and cheese can't fix, but it's still a crummy feeling. When those feelings creep in, all I have to do is watch this video. It reminds me that I have two sets of supportive loving parents, some pretty great siblings and siblings in law, the best friends, and a marriage for eternity with my guy.

Watch it, don't watch it. It's there to remind myself that I have lots to be grateful for.

Rachel & Todd: Reception from rachel utterback on Vimeo.


laurel said...

I think maybe I wasn't at that wedding?? Haha.

Marisa said...

Watched it. Loved it. I wasn't even there, but I think I liked your wedding better than mine. :)