saugatuck, mi.

Our weekend was spent on the lake front in the cutest little town in Michigan. I have never really traveled around the midwest before, and I can honestly say that Saugatuck was one of the most quaint and beautiful towns I've ever been to.

The lake beaches looked exactly like the ocean!! There were big waves and soft sand. And the street lining the cliffs were beautiful lake houses with private beach access. I fell in love to say the least. The town was so cute and charming. Little coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. It made me want to explore every state in the midwest! 

This was a last minute trip and I am so glad it happened. We had such a fun and crazy time with our friends in a house we rented in town. We played games (fun) and made up girls vs. boys dances (crazy) into late hours of the night. The girls got their nails done and some of the boys went golfing. The little kiddos ran around the house and were so cute the whole weekend. 

Saugatuck, we will definitely be back.

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