falling for fall.

It is definitely fall over here in the midwest. Chicago weather has dropped to 60's and low 70's, which I couldn't be happier about. I am definitely over the humidity heat that makes me sweat the moment I step outside. 

I snapped this pic on my way to the grocery store a couple days ago. I just love the view from my street. The Sears/Willis tower is so large! 

Facebook has been giving a lot of coupons away. Including "buy one get one free" cupcakes from Sprinkles. It's bad and good all at the same time. This past week there was a coupon for "buy four get two free" from Sprinkles. I just couldn't justify having SIX cupcakes in my house because they would be gone by the end of the day. So my friend Kellee and I went halfsies on it and bought three each. That's better right? ;)

And I might have had the pumpkin cupcake for breakfast while watching Live with Kelly and Michael...oops. 


Courtney Bardsley said...

Sprinkles cupcakes are the best breakfast! They got me through a rough Bone Marrow transplant recovery! So eat away girl!

Collin and Traci said...

I've never had Sprinkles cupcakes, but they look fabulous. We need to come out so we can try them. And pumpkin? O Yum! Good choice.