Some random thoughts for you. As I was coming home from Trader Joe's yesterday, I had a feeling of content come over me. I was going through our neighborhood and walking to our apartment and I just felt happy. Maybe it was the fall season in the air or maybe it was because I bought some yummy salad they had on sample at TJ's. Whatever the reason, it felt good. I think it always takes a while to feel comfortable and at home in a new place. Especially for people who are horrible not great with change, aka: me.

Freeway exits are becoming more familiar. I don't have to google map my destination everytime I leave my apartment. We have some great friends. I've memorized subway stops. Our dry cleaning lady knows my first and last name. And I finally have a job (ann taylor LOFT, just part time but still fun with a great discount! and it's in the same building todd works in! bonus!).

So for now, I am happy and content.

{trader joe's painting in their elevator}

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