There is a restaurant here in the city called Frontera Grill. It's mexican food with some twists on what you would find at a regular mexican restaurant. When my parents came to visit us after we first moved here, I called the day of to make a reservation for that night. The hostess practically laughed through the phone. I quickly learned that you have to make reservations weeks in advance.

Our friends, Kellee and Harold, made reservations for visitors coming into town about a month ago. Their visitors ended up not being able to go, so Todd and I got to go in their place! The food was super yummy and the guacamole was so good that I could have just had that for my entree. Love when we get to try a new great restaurant here in Chi.

On another note: here is a pic of my little bro with his mission president and wife! Missing my buddy but so happy he's doing well!

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