looking forward.

I have a hard time living in the present when there are so many fun things to look forward to in the future. Most of the time I try to live in the moment, but there are too many great things coming up so I've decided to just give in to my weakness and get excited about these future events! 

T and I have a plethora of visitors coming to Chicago in the month of October! 

-Our great friends, Bree and Cory, just moved to Ann Arbor, MI which is only a few short hours from Chicago! They are hopefully coming to stay for a weekend coming up! 
-My faaaaabulous mom is coming for a few days to visit while the weather is still nice out to do things like segway tours ;)
-Todd's dad is coming for a football/birthday weekend. Notre Dame vs. BYU and Todd's birthday. A dream weekend for T. 
-Todd's sister and brother in law are coming for a couple days for a quick visit! Can't wait to see them. 

And last but not least, T and I found an awesome one day only deal on JetBlue yesterday. We booked flights straight to NYC for a few days in November. I cannot wait to see my oldest sis, brother in law, and their cute kids!!! Not to mention, eat Shake Shack hamburgers and Bleeker Street pizza every day. And seeing a broadway play is a must because guess who has never seen one??? TODD. How are we even married?? ;)

{a collage from my last trip to new york}

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