bye bye blisters.

Ok. Get ready to have your mind blown. You know those super cute flats in your closet that you always want to wear but never do because they give you blisters?? I know I do because I have about four pairs of them.

Living in a place where all I do is walk everywhere, it's hard to find a comfortable pair of shoes that are stylish and cute but won't give me blisters. And in this weather, flip flops just aren't going to work for much longer.

Insert this amazing trick that I found on Pinterest (obviously). I went to this blog, Coffee, Light and Sweet, and decided to try it myself. It really works!! I tried it with a pair of flats and I walked around the city all day today with no blisters! Hallelujah.

Here's the how to:

Put on some socks. Then put on the shoes you want to stretch out a bit.

Blow hot air with a hair dryer on the spots that give you blisters.

Then keep the shoes on while they cool down. Maybe I should wear these socks with these shoes on the regular? ;)

Remove your socks and wear your shoes everywhere pain free!

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

Best advice you've ever given me.