segs in the city.

That's right people. Todd and I went on a segway tour of our city. It was classic, hilarious, embarassing, and so wonderful all at the same time. It rained almost the entire time which meant we wore ponchos that made the experience even better. Everytime T and I made eye contact we couldn't help but giggle at ourselves. The tour was at night and it was so fun to ride around and see the city all lit up. My favorite part was segwaying around Soldier Field (where daaaa Bears play). Such a nice stadium!

Riding a segway is so interesting. To go, you put weight in the balls of your feet. To stop and slow down, you put weight in your heels. It takes some getting used to but is pretty easy and fun after you get the hang of it.

I love the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. It is probably one of my favorite spots in the city. 

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