mr. treeger.

You know that Friends episode where Rachel is stuffing the pizza box down the garbage shoot in her building? And then Mr. Treeger, the apartment building maintenance man, yells at her for  plugging up the shoot? Then he tells her she is spoiled and she starts crying?

This is what I thought would happen to me today. I had to confront the maintenance man in my building about our move in date next week (city living fact: when moving into a highrise apartment building you have to pay a moving fee to the building...kind of annoying and kind of a lot of money). When we moved in our bed a couple months ago, we didn't know there was a move in fee and we just tried to get away with it. I was SO nervous to talk to our maintenance man because I thought he would make us pay the fee twice and yell at me. I'm dramatic, I know.

Long story short- he didn't get mad! He didn't even mention it! We are practically best friends now. And he doesn't look anything like Mr. Treeger.

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laurel said...

Awesome! We are the same. I'm totally afraid to talk to our supers about anything.