moving in.

Answer me this. How can two people accumulate so much stuff??? And remember how we have one little closet in our apartment for storage? Yikes. 

On the upside, we made it safely with all of our belongings! The Uhaul truck wasn't too bad, since I slept during a lot of it and listened to Harry Potter 3 during the rest. T is the best for driving the whole way and letting me take naps ;)

Our 36 hours in Utah was quick but well worth it! I got to see my bestie and have a sleepover.

I got to spend a night at my parents beautiful house and have some quality time with the brother (soon to be elder holt!). 

Check out my mom's GORGEOUS sunflowers in her garden!

And now we are back in the windy city and I get to finish this monstrosity tomorrow! You better believe I will be slamming diet cokes and watching continuous episodes of The Vampire Diaries to help me through it. 


Bree said...

There is no reasonable explanation for all of the stuff that you accumulate. Seriously-it blew my mind when we were packing! Sounds like you had fun in Utah! We need to see each other ASAP!!

laurel said...

Moving is the perfect time to purge! Good luck!