going on a road trip...again.

Remember that awful awesome long short super boring fun roadtrip T and I took cross country back in June? Well, we get to do it again this weekend! Yipppppeeeee.... We are heading back to Utah for a day to pack up all of our belongings that have been sitting in a storage unit all summer and driving them back to Chi Town. I've missed you pots and pans!!

At least I get to spend time with the husband talking and listening to audio books! That makes it worth it. 

After a lot of searching for other apartments, we have decided to stay in our apartment we are currently in right now. We have really grown to love the neighborhood and that it only takes Todd ten minutes to walk to work. We love our little place and can't wait to be in it another year and with all of our furniture!!!

So wish us luck on our road trip parte dos.


miss aubrey said...

I love that picture! Happy trails.

Dawn said...

How could you not love that beautiful stretch of heavenly Wyoming?! Just take my word for it, other parts of the state are better. Have an awesome trip though. I can only imagine how excited you must be to have your furniture back!