weekend fun.

Our weekend started with a bang at a restaurant called Xoco. It is one of Rick Bayless's restaurants here in Chicago. Rick Bayless was on Top Chef and he has his own show on PBS. When it comes to Chefs, he is a pretty big deal. We met some of our friends at Xoco ('cho-co') late Friday night for some churros and ice cream!

{cute chicagoans}

{are you seeing these churros and that chocolate sauce? heaven}

Saturday marked two years since T took me on our first date back in Provo (we saw inception, got frozen yogurt, and did not kiss on the first date). This year we saw Dark Knight Rises, ate at a bomb italian restaurant uptown, and did some serious window shopping down Michigan Avenue. So glad T stole my number from his roommate's phone two years ago and called to ask me out.

We ended the weekend with a huge Bachelorette finale viewing with all our friends from our church! Go Team Jef!! I loved how so many of the husbands were getting just as into it, if not more, than their wives. We feel so lucky to have made such good friends so fast here in Chicago! It makes living in a completely new place that much easier. 

{a pretty building in our 'hood}

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Kim Blatter said...

Boose. I'm in love with you and your city living! You look gorgeous in all these picsss. I need to come visit you, and you need to come visit me!