the bus and the subway.

I am a big fan of public transportation. I have always loved riding subways and trains. And I really love riding the bus now that I live in Chicago. If you have smart phone, figuring out public transportation is the easiest. You type in your destination and it pulls up a ton of different bus or subway options for you to take!

The subway is great for long distances and during commute hours. I really like the "L" train here in Chicago because some of the lines are above ground! It's fun to see the city around you while you zip by. Although, it gets prrrrretty hot down there if you are waiting for your train underground. Like "I've never sweat more in my life" kind of hot.

The bus is great for short distances and if you want to get somewhere with a more direct route. It's also a few cents cheaper which always helps! Today I got on the bus to go meet a friend and I was the only one on there besides the driver! It was empty for at least 2 stops. I loved it.

Go public transit!

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laurenhathaway said...

Selling our car when we moved to Chicago was nerve racking, but I've come to love public transit too! Chicago is known for its easy to figure out system. About 95% of the bus drivers are really nice too, so that's a plus! Happy to have the Utterback's in Chicago!