land that i love.

After getting home a few years ago from teaching English for a semester in China, I had never been more appreciative of our wonderful country. Every 4th of July since then, I think about how much I love America and how much pride I have to be an American. I love that I can get a milkshake and fries at a million different restaurants, I love that I can turn on the heat when it gets below 50 degrees at night, I love that I don't have to hide my religion, I love that I can have a Facebook and a blog and not be censored by our government, and I love that I can travel and learn about other countries as well. 

Yesterday in Chicago it was about 965482920332 degrees outside. Plus 10. But that didn't stop us from driving up to Lake Forest with a bunch of our friends from church! We had a KFC potluck (what is more American than fried chicken??) and endured the heat until the sun went down. We watched the fireworks and listened to Kenny Loggins and his band play Danger Zone and Footloose

Happy Birthday America!

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miss aubrey said...

Happy 4th! A kenny loggins concert and kfc sound perfectly american!!