TJ's and a sunday picnic.

We live a couple blocks away from Trader Joe's and I am so jazzed about it. (We also live a few blocks from Target and Whole Foods...a dream). T and I went to TJ's the other night and "slow walked the aisles" as Todd would say. This is one of our favorite activities in grocery stores. Just looking at all the fun things to buy. We weren't there to get groceries but ended up buying just some little necessities. Bread, cheese, and chocolate. Well, they are necessities to us. 

We went to our new ward today and I loved it. The people are so nice and I am really excited to get to know everyone better! A couple of the girls in our ward invited T and I to join them and their husbands and kiddos for a picnic in Millennium Park. It was really fun to sit in the cool breeze, eat PB and J's, and just talk. We are loving this city more and more everyday. 

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