the first few days.

So we are here. Finally. After two full days of driving, one rest day in Iowa City, one half day of driving and moving in boxes, and one full day of unpacking and cleaning, we are moved in. It's been a long week but we are loving the city already! 

T is currently BBQing on our balcony overlooking the dog park and Willis Tower. I'd say we are settling in just fine. 

Here are some pictures of our fun times in Iowa with our friends, Taylor and Abbey (thanks again guys!!), our pitstop to see the American Picker's store, and a couple pics of our apartment!


{American Picker's store}

{bedroom, living room}

{kitchen, view from our windows!}


Meriel Frandsen said...

Oh that week sounds terrible, but at least your apt looks fab and clean and has such a great view!

laurel said...

Great looking place! You're so grown up :)

Jeffrey & Dara said...

I love your apt! It looks like an actual grown up adult apartment, not like the apts in Provo! What's that like? Haha I hope you're loving Chicago!!