first day.

Today is T's first day at BMO! Having him home with me the past few days made me forget the real reason we are living out here! I guess I will have to venture out by myself now! Love this man of mine. So proud.


laurel said...

Looking quite handsome Todd! Good Luck!!

Ben & Cassie said...

Hey I don't really know you, just met you once at Molly and Steve's pool and know a lot of danville peeps but found your blog and it is just so cute, love the new design! Just wanted to say hi!


Rosanna and Doug said...

Don't you just feel like a proud little momma on their first day of work?? haha I took one of Doug at like 7am when he left for his first day. So fun and I hope you're loving chicago! miss you girly girl

Jenna and Jeff said...

So handsome!