so much walking.

My oldest sister lives in Manhattan. She has lived there for 9 years and I visit her almost every year. I thought I knew what living in a city entailed. I for sure thought that I would have no trouble whatsoever walking around all day and never using a car. Carry groceries home from a grocery store that is more than 4 blocks away? Sure, no problem. Walk 1.3 miles to dinner and 1.3 miles home? Sure, no problem. Spend all day walking around exploring a beautiful exciting city? Sure, no problem.


It's a lot different when you actually live in the city as opposed to just visiting on vacation for a few days. Thank goodness for the bus system and the 'L' train.

But even though all the walking will take some getting used to, I do really love walking everywhere. T walks to work everyday and it only takes him 10 min to get there! Now that's a great commute. Last night I walked to his work, met him outside his office building, and we walked to meet my mom and brother for dinner, and then we walked home.

I can see why my sister has loved living in a city for the past 9 years. Everything is right there. So convenient.

some pictures:

{went to Lincoln Park zoo with my friend Hannah and her cute little Greta}

{walked around the farmers market and loved all the yumminess}


danielle said...

Your pictures are incredible & your blog is adorable! True talent! Looks like fun :)

Dustin and Emily said...

i LOVE living in the city but going to the grocery store is my least favorite thing to do now. Haha just have to make a bunch of small trips. luckily we are only 3 blocks away! :) so glad you're liking it!! ps what is todd doing at BMO?

Randi said...

So true, so true. Groceries are the WORST. At least you're in the summer and (hopefully) don't have to deal with rain and snow.

Love your new design!

Hannah said...

So cute! I didn't see this till just now. So sorry about last Wednesday, I forget that it takes a little bit of building up over a couple weeks to get used to the walking :-/ Chicago needs to know that NY is certainly better in one regard: grocery delivery!