our dads.

T and I have the best dads. I am talking, the BEST dads. I am so lucky to have such a great daddy along such a great father-in-law.

Chris Utterback is one of a kind. What other man has the movies Taken, Bourne Identitly, and Lady and The Tramp all on his iPad? He really loves T. They FaceTime about 5 times a week. Chris is always so geniunely excited when we tell him things that are happening in our lives. He is such a sweet man and always there to help us with anything.

{how young does todd look??}

For the people who know Jeff Holt, you know how awesome he is. His tells the best stories. He knows the answer to any question. His humor is hilarious. He shoots birds in our yard, out his office window. And he gets better lookin' every day! I love my dad. He has helped us so much this past year and I am so grateful for him. So glad he was in Chicago this weekend so that we could celebrate Father's Day all together. 

{me and dad in bejing}

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Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

yay I can post a comment finally ha. K he shoot birds out of his office window??? I'm pretty sure that's the best thing I've heard all day. Aaron is gonna love hearing that and then I'm sure he is going to ask me if he can do that someday too. ha