the road trip haps.

Some happenings on our road trip:

  • eastern wyoming is borrrrring. 
  • listening to audio books makes the trip go by a lot faster- especially dan brown's "the lost symbol".
  • scanning the streets for a subway because it seems a little healthier than wendy's. 
  • if you are ever doing this drive on the i-80, the americInn in sidney, nebraska is a great overnight hotel. 
  • admiring T's amazing driving skills and loving him for letting me take short naps here and there. 
  • bananas and pretzels are my favorite snacks to munch on in the car.
  • listening to music and trying to sneak in taylor swift songs so that T doesn't notice..."oh how did this start playing? i guess it's on shuffle..."
  • loving the farmlands and green hills of nebraska and iowa. 
  • getting super excited to stop by antique archaeology in eastern iowa, in hopes of meeting mike and frank from the history channel's american pickers. (it's one of my favorite shows)
  • taking a 24 hour break in iowa city with our friends, taylor and abbey, and recharging for the move into our apartment tomorrow. 

{photo taken by T}


laurel said...

American Pickers?? Never heard of it!

Randi said...

it's fun to follow your adventure :)

Dawn said...

Ha ha, I can't believe you watch America Pickers. Bryan loves that show so we end up watching it even though I personally do NOT understand the draw. You'll need to blog about what their shop was like. Did you recognize anything from the show?